9 Things That Might Happen if You Dress Up Every Day

You Might Feel More Confident

Something as simple as a tailored blazer can work wonders when it comes to feeling your absolute best. Your posture improves when you’re put together—and sometimes that’s all it takes to command a room.

You Might Be Asked to Take On More Leadership Roles

This career advice is age-old: Dress for the job you want. If you’ve got your eye on the corner office, it never hurts to invest (and take pride) in your look.

You Might Get a Lot of Compliments

It’s tough not to be captivated by colleagues who always (always) dress to the nines. In this case, it’s less about formal wear and more about no detail left behind—from your pocketbook to your

And a Lot of Questions About Why You’re So Dressed Up

“Are you interviewing?” is the one most likely to be asked by your boss. Your reply: “Nope, just love a mauve suit.” (But pssst…a bit of mystery never hurts.)

You Might Get Blisters

Heels hurt. It’s the one down side to dressing up. But with the right arsenal of tools (read: plenty of Foot Petals and Band-Aids in your bag), you’ll be fine.

You Might Feel Inclined to Make After-Work Plans

True story: Hitting up happy hour is a lot less of a priority when you’re already couch-ready in leggings and a tee. On the flip side, a dress and your favorite moto will have you pinging your colleagues with one word: “Drinks??”

You Might Maintain Your Weight More Easily

There’s nothing like a figure-hugging pencil skirt to remind you: Come hell or high water, the gym is happening today.

You Might Get Inspired to Dress Better and Better

Consistently dressing up is all it takes to notice the holes (and horrors) in your wardrobe. For example, your scuffed-up Mary Janes and those run-ridden tights. Think of your newfound approach to fashion as an excuse to treat yo’self.

You Might Go a Little Overboard on Your Budget

While dressing up is fun, it’s easy to lose sight of your spending. Be sure you’re shopping smartly at fast-fashion stores and properly caring for investment pieces to get the most bang for your buck.



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